The Start.Point corporation will work in the Persian Gulf and northern Europe

A company from Castellar, Start.Point, has achieved that the powerful Kuwaiti holding company KHF HGroup has relied on the Castellar Consulting firm to direct its expansion in the Persian Gulf over the next two years in the aeronautical, aerospace, capital goods, wind sectors and high technology, the specialty of Start.Point. “Our agreement provides for all outsourcing of the business and the construction, operation and development of hotels, apartments and casinos,” says the company’s CEO, Joan Canyes. The KHF HGroup conglomerate moves around 9.3 billion dollars annually and in the next 2 years it plans to invest more than 2 billion dollars in projects in the EU, GCC and LATAM.

The agreement with the Kuwaiti holding is not the only positive fact of the Spanish company these days. Last week, the General Directorate of the Port Authority of Wilhelmshaven (Germany) signed a collaboration agreement with Start.Point for transit and point of unloading of goods destined for the Nordic countries. The project also includes a collaboration agreement with the managing entities of the ports of Riga (Latvia) and Talin (Estonia) so that goods are diverted to these ports for the Baltic countries and northern RUSSIA. According to Canyes, “the agreement is a good opportunity for pre-exporting or exporting companies to also benefit from this agreement that will lead to a significant reduction in transport costs with maritime traffic in these areas.”